Fogarty Training Program Workshop in Hanoi – Community-Based Intervention Studies

2017-09-05_23-37-02September 8, 2017, Hanoi, Vietnam — During September 6th-8th, 2017, Faculty and researchers from academic institutions in Vietnam, researches from local NGOs, Ministry of Health Program Managers, Graduate students of Hanoi Medical University, and Fellows of the Vietnam Fogarty Training Program gathered together for a workshop series on “Community-Based Intervention Study in HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse.”

The purpose was to improve understanding of various aspects of community-based intervention studies to identify and prevent and support treatment and care of HIV infections and substance abuse disorders and to appreciate challenges of designing and conducting a community-based intervention, and developing together.2017-09-06_20-03-34

Workshops ranged in a variety of topics such as Development and Delivery of Behavioral Interventions presented by CHIPTS Dr. Li Li who also presented Intervention Studies Involved Service Providers, Behavioral Interventions for Substance Abuse in the Setting of HIV by Dr. Professor Steve Shoptaw, and more.

2017-09-05_23-37-41Meanwhile Dr. Shoptaw also spoke on the Medications for Substance Abuse in the Setting of HIV while another CHIPTS faculty member, Dr. Chunqing Lin presented on An Overview of Implementation Science in Healthcare.

The conference concluded with feedback from the UCLA faculty for the attendees who had collaborated to create preliminary concepts on community-based interventions that are relevant for the context of Vietnam.

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