HCV Drug Resistance Slide Set Now Available

HCV Drug Resistance Slide Set Now Available
ResisSS 2012 v1.2

Given the rapid pace of HCV Drug Development, the original HCV Drug Resistance slide deck has been revised into four subsets:


  1. HCV Lifecycle, Drug Targets and Mechanisms of Action
  2. HCV Resistance: Barriers, Selection, and Monitoring of Resistance
  3. HCV Treatment Strategies to Reduce Drug Resistance
  4. HCV Patient and Regimen Factors that Maximize Response and Minimize Resistance


Along with incorporating recent data from EASL 2012, the #3 Treatment Strategies set has been subdivided into regimens with or without interferon.

The Drug Resistance Slide Set, a product of the Forum for Collaborative HIV Research’s HCV Drug Development Advisory Group (DrAG) explains drug resistance in HCV, its consequences, as well as mitigating its impact.

The educational slide deck’s intended audience ranges the spectrum from health care providers evaluating, diagnosing and treating HCV, health care educators, HCV patients who want to learn about the disease and treatment options, and HCV advocates who may use the slides in their community education outreach efforts.