May 4, 2018 – On Friday, members of the community from across Los Angeles County gathered for the Stigma and HIV event at St. Anne’s in downtown Los Angeles. The day started energetically with the keynote presentation by Dr. Andrew Spieldenner, Chair of the US People Living with HIV Caucus, who delved into the definition of stigma, its different forms, and the stigma index. After the keynote presentation, Mr. Tim Vincent gave an engaging, interactive presentation on how stigma is manifested in different settings and described ways in which stigma can be addressed at the client, provider, community, and policy level. Dr. Laura Bogart, a Senior Behavioral Scientist at RAND Corporation and a Core Scientist at CHIPTS, wrapped up the day with a presentation on her current research which aims to create a new intervention that takes into account stigma surrounding HIV care, medical mistrust, and structural barriers to accessing and staying in care, specifically among HIV-positive Black and Latino sexual minority men.

Special thanks to the City of Los Angeles AIDS Coordinator’s Office, the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, the East Los Angeles Women’s Center, Los Angeles County Commission on HIV, Los Angeles Center for Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Next-Level Consulting, Los Angeles Region Pacific AIDS Education and Training Center, and CHIPTS for hosting this successful event.

You can find all of the presentations in the download links below. We also created a short highlight reel of the day to recap the amazing discussions and presentations of the day and the photo gallery on our Facebook page!

Andrew Spieldenner "It Leaves a Mark" slides at May 4, 2018 Stigma and HIV Event
Tim Vincent "Responding to the Complex Characteristics of STIGMA" slides at May 4, 2018 Stigma and HIV Event
Laura Bogart "An Intervention to Enhance Coping with Discrimination among HIV-Positive Black and Latino Sexual Minority Men" slides at May 4, 2018 Stigma and HIV Event