Recruitment for CAB members for the 2018-2019 year has closed. Please check back next spring for the next recruitment cycle.


The Center for HIV Identification, Prevention, and Treatment Services (CHIPTS) is a collaboration of researchers from UCLA, Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science, Friends Research Institute, and the RAND Corporation. Funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, our mission is to eliminate new HIV infections by promoting collaborative research, fostering networking opportunities, and supporting capacity building, with an emphasis on key populations who face comorbidities. Both domestically and globally, CHIPTS has expertise in HIV program administration, junior faculty and trainee development, policy impact and evaluation, and innovation in interventions to optimize care and treatment of HIV-infected individuals to expand prevention opportunities for HIV-uninfected, at-risk individuals.

CHIPTS Community Advisory Board (CAB) Guidelines

The Community Advisory Board (CAB) includes persons living with and/or affected by HIV/AIDS, representatives from health departments, community-based organizations (CBOs), AIDS service organizations, educational institutions, and others working or volunteering in the HIV/AIDS field. The primary purposes of the CHIPTS CAB are:

  • To advise CHIPTS scientists on the research, dissemination, and other activities that are relevant and meaningful to the lives of the diverse communities living with HIV or at risk.
  • To engage and voice the perspectives of people living with mental health and substance use disorders who are also affected by HIV.

CAB Responsibilities

CAB members are responsible for advising and providing community perspective on various activities and functions of CHIPTS, including

  • Providing feedback on CHIPTS Core activities to ensure that they remain attentive to community concerns, needs, and priorities.
  • Providing feedback on the social, behavioral, and biomedical prevention research supported by CHIPTS to ensure community relevance.
  • Assisting in identifying opportunities at CHIPTS for researchers and staff from racial/ethnic minority.
  • Participating annually in at least one of the following CHIPTS activities: Core meetings, peer review on proposals, pilot project review, CHIPTS strategic planning meeting, and other center-related events.


  • The CAB will consist of up to 15 members, including representatives from diverse communities affected by HIV/AIDS. The membership of the CAB will have knowledge or insight into communities affected by HIV/AIDS and will include, to the extent possible, representatives from different ethnic communities and regions of southern California as well as people with experience or interest in scientific research and policy.
  • Membership is for a duration of one year. Renewal of membership and new members will be appointed annually.
  • Members who miss two consecutive meetings during the year may be asked to forfeit the remainder of their appointment on the CAB.
  • Vacancies in the CAB will be filled through an application and selection process.
  • CAB members are compensated by CHIPTS for sharing their time and expertise (see below).
  • Each member of the CAB will attend in his or her personal capacity, not in the capacity of the agency for which he or she works.


  • The advisory board will be led by two co-chairs.
  • Co-chairs will be nominated and elected by the CAB members. In the event that a co-chair resigns, a replacement co-chair will be nominated and elected by the members at the next meeting.


  • The CAB will meet quarterly.
  • The CAB Coordinator and Co-Chairs will prepare an agenda and share with the members in advance of each meeting. Members are encouraged to propose agenda items to the CAB Coordinator, and may do so up to a week in advance of a meeting.
  • The CAB Coordinator will prepare a summary of each meeting, and share the summary to all members with the draft agenda for the following meeting.


  • All CAB members are expected to participate in all four meetings per year.
  • CHIPTS will provide compensation for the generous donation of CAB members’ time and effort.
  • We recognize that there are often conflicts in members’ schedules. As such, CHIPTS will compensate $50 (either check or gift card) per meeting attended.
  • CAB members will be provided with a 1099 statement each year for tax purposes.

Meeting Dates and Agendas

For more information, contact the CAB Coordinator Damilola (Dami) Jolayemi at