May 11, 2017 – In Los Angeles County, almost half of all people living with HIV are over the age of 50. This community has many unique medical and psychosocial care needs that often are not adequately met through the current portfolio of services.  Dr. Stephen Karpiak of the AIDS Community Research Initiative of America (ACRIA) in New York presented research data from “Research on Older Adults with HIV” (ROAH), a national study examining clinical data and needs of aging people living with HIV (PLWH).  A team of presenters from APLA Health, including Jeff Bailey, Keshav Tyagi, and Dr. Matt Mutchler, also presented on preliminary findings from their “Healthy Living Project,” (HLP), a community needs assessment formally qualifying the service gaps and needs of aging PLWH in Los Angeles.

In sharing this information, the presenters anticipate that service providers and community members will learn about the complex needs of this sub-population of PLWH. The information presented offered information that inform how addressing the needs of older adults living with HIV can be integrated across multiple service delivery systems and bring additional service providers into the HIV service delivery system.  Ultimately, the discussion is to foster and leverage collaboration and partnership between organizations and the community in order to produce proactive and culturally appropriate ideas that will help aging PLWH enhance their quality of life.

2017 May Colloquium Flyer
2017 May Colloquium Slides



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