Call for Workshop Submissions at Models of Pride 20 LA LGBTQ Youth Conference

Models of Pride, a free, one-day, LGBTQ youth conference, is now accepting proposals for workshops to be presented on October 13, 2012 at University of Southern California, USC.

We’d like to invite you to submit a workshop proposal for Models of Pride 20, “Making it Better…Together.”  It’s the 20th anniversary of this free LGBTQ and Ally youth conference attended by more than one thousand LGBTQA youth!

We are seeking workshops led by youth as well as adult allies covering a range of topics that will fit into our 2012 Workshops Vision: Politics, Justice, and Fabulosity.

–          Politics: 2012 Election, Organizing, Local Campaigns, Legal Issues/Rights, Visibility, Youth Empowerment, School to Prison Pipeline, Undocumented Queer Youth, History, Immigration, GSA’s, Activism


–          Justice: Gender, Sexuality, Race, Class, Disability, Sexuality, Spirituality/ Healing, Health/ Bodies, Self Esteem, Intersectionality, How to be a Straight Ally, Agism, Queer People of Color Empowerment, HIV/STDs, Safer Sex


–          Fabulosity: (how to use the following to heal & empower) Music, Fashion, Performance, Poetry, Dance, Ball Scene, Creating Visibility in Media, Drag, DIY Arts, Sports, Self Defense, Self-Expression, Relationships, Family, Coming Out, Careers, Cultural Identity


Above is a partial list of possible topics within the Workshop’s vision.  Feel free to submit on a topic of your choice.


At MOP 20, we are looking to deepen youth leadership. We seek to provide tools for youth to become educators and activists in their communities, drawing upon the knowledge and resources gained from Models of Pride.  The Models of Pride Workshops Committee will review and evaluate all workshop proposals for content and merit. The Models of Pride Planning Committee will handle all logistical arrangements for your presentation if your workshop is selected. The submission of a workshop proposal does not guarantee acceptance to present at Models of Pride.  Each year, we receive more submissions than we have need.  Please fill out the application with as much detail as possible so that we can properly consider it as an effective presentation for our youth.


Please understand we cannot offer honorariums, lodging, or cover travel expenses.


Please submit your workshop proposals here:

The deadline to submit a proposal is July 14, 2012.


If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact the co-chairs of the Workshops Committee:

Sofia Rose Smith & Karamo Brown: &



THANK YOU!  See our website for more details about MOP: