On AIDS: Three Lessons From Africa

An AIDS fable: Once upon a time, in the years after AIDS went from being a death sentence to a manageable disease, at least for people rich enough to take antiretroviral therapy, many of the people who ran the world believed that these medicines weren’t appropriate for residents of very poor countries. Even leaving aside […]

AIDS researchers fighting to save lives killed in Ukraine crash

After a day of news saturated with images of smoking plane wreckage and reports that perhaps dozens of his fellow HIV researchers heading to the 2014 AIDS conference in Melbourne may have been on board Flight MH17, Richard Elion had to board a long flight from Los Angeles to Australia. “I am about to leave for Melbourne,” Elion, […]

Preliminary Findings from Project MedNet: A Study of the Social Networks of African American Men and Women Living with HIV

This presentation will share preliminary findings from Project MedNet, which is a study that aimed to understand how social networks influence the health and wellness of African American men and women living with HIV. The study sought to understand the social network factors that may lead to better or worse health outcomes, such as being on ART medication, […]

Robin Jeffries, Dr.PH – Inconsistent and missing data; A Bayesian approach to handle both simultaneously.

CHIPTS Methods Seminar – UCLA-Semel Institute Center for Community Health Inconsistent and missing data; A Bayesian approach to handle both simultaneously. Robin Jeffries, Dr.PH Adolescent and School Health Unit Division of HIV and STD Programs Los Angeles County Department of Public Health

Satya Dandekar, Ph.D. – HIV, Microbiota and Immunity at the Gut Mucosal Interface

UCLA AIDS Institute / CFAR Grand Rounds This monthly lecture series, which is offered by the UCLA CFAR / AIDS Institute, consists of hour-long lunchtime lectures, delivered by invited guests or distinguished members of the Institute faculty, on a broad range of subjects. The aims of the program are to highlight important developments in AIDS-related […]

Adam King, Ph.D. candidate – Bayesian Analysis of Episodic Substance Abuse Data

Bayesian Analysis of Episodic Substance Abuse Data Adam King, Ph.D. candidate Department of Biostatistics UCLA Fielding School of Public Health

Supporting, Engaging and Partnering with Youth in LA to address HIV

Mia Humphrey & Daniel Solis – Supporting, Engaging and Partnering with Youth in Los Angeles County to address HIV This presentation will explore the role of social determinants of health in response to concerns regarding the HIV continuum of care and youth. The presentation will provide working definitions; highlight strategies for adults to more effectively […]

Ofer Harel, Ph.D. – Re-thinking study design for HIV prevention trials

Abstract: There is a strong push to conduct large-scale randomized controlled study designs in HIV prevention studies. In these randomized controlled studies, the primary research objective is typically to determine the treatment effect based on some biological outcome (e.g. HIV infection). Millions of dollars are spent on these studies and lots of resources are spent […]

Behavioral Economics & HIV Intervention Research Seminar

 Drs. Thomas Rice (UCLA Public Health) and Arleen Leibowitz (CHIPTS Policy Core Director & UCLA Public Affairs) will provide a state-of-the-science overview and discuss possible HIV intervention applications.