Ask Me About PrEP: A Three-Part Digital Campaign to Increase PrEP Uptake

AltaMed has become a pioneer in content marketing for the promotion of HIV prevention and PrEP services. Using a digital approach they have created online conversations in target populations resulting in increased awareness on PrEP, HIV treatment and prevention. The newly launched 3-part digital campaign,“Ask Me About PrEP,” was produced to increase awareness of PrEP and reach a broad audience including medical providers in health care settings, young Black MSM and transgender women. These campaigns are designed to follow the current trend in content marketing, which over the past two decades, has grown significantly as audiences shift to new media, consuming content in entirely new ways.

The videos model conversations around PrEP and answers key concerns around the use of this prevention strategy. The campaign also highlights scenarios where PrEP can be incorporated into a person’s daily routine and why it is a responsible option to preventing HIV.

1. Increase PrEP knowledge and access by communities most impacted by HIV, specifically young Black gay and bisexual men and transgender women.
2. Increase provider knowledge on the effective use of PrEP in primary care settings to address HIV disparities that remain in communities of color.
3. Identify strategies to increase PrEP knowledge and prescriptions to patients in a non-discriminatory and unbiased manner using digital media.
4. Learn how to incorporate PrEP in daily routine using digital media.
This presentation was hosted as part of the CHIPTS HIV Research and Community Colloquia Series, held on Thursday, April 13, 2017, in collaboration with the Los Angeles County Commission on HIV.

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