A message from Center Director, Mary Jane Rotheram:

Alvin Toffler, a preeminent futurist, once observed that knowledge is the most democratic source of power.

At CHIPTS, we create and share knowledge to help all people. We also hold the hope that this knowledge can overpower AIDS.

Over the eighteen years of our existence, CHIPTS has been centered on the search for a better understanding of HIV disease, disseminating what we learn and using knowledge to bring about change. In our short history, we have charted many successes and we have identified many challenges.

The work of CHIPTS is as dynamic and complex as the HIV epidemic itself. We see our work as fulfilling three goals. We pursue scientific discovery; we strengthen the capacity of others; and we seek to bring about positive change.

These steps – Discover, Empower and Impact – also provide for our everyday approach. It is our hope that these steps can lead us toward healthier lives. One day, perhaps, they will lead to an end to the HIV epidemic.