Community Advisory Board

The Community Advisory Board (CAB) is vital to CHIPTS for two central reasons. First, the CHIPTS Executive Committee strongly believes that any behavior-related research in HIV/AIDS is essentially strengthened in its equity, scientific integrity, and practicality by the integral involvement of the HIV-infected and -affected communities. Second, the specific and central mission of CHIPTS is to foster collaborative projects involving the community, academia, and government to advance HIV identification, prevention, and treatment service efforts that are scientifically based, rigorously evaluated, and acceptable and sustainable to and by the target communities. Therefore, community members were consulted and involved from the inception of CHIPTS and have access to and impact upon all central decisions. CHIPTS CAB now institutionalizes this process.

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The CHIPTS Community Advisory Board accepts applications for membership annually.

Please see below for the guidelines and printable application.  Contact Maryann Koussa at  with any questions. 

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