CHIPTS Policy Core

Bringing relevant research findings to bear on policy issues


Male circumcision | State of California HIV/AIDS Policy | Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) | HIV Surveillance | Medi-Cal and Medicare | CARE/HIPP Expansion | AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) | Ryan White Care Act | HIV Testing and Prevention Strategies | HIV in incarcerated populations


The identification, formulation, and analysis of emergent policy issues in collaboration with the California HIV/AIDS Policy Research Center

Covered CA and PLWHA - Full analysis (138)

Covered CA and PLWHA - Summary (137)

Analysis of AB999: Proposal to Mandate Condom Distribution in Prisons Would Reduce Correctional Facility Costs for Inmate Health Care in California (325)

National Roundtable on Evaluation of Multilevel/Combination HIV Prevention Interventions (618)

HIV and Incarceration: Reviewing the Policy Issues (2012) (584)

Proposed ADAP Cost-Sharing Threatens the Health of Californians Living With HIV/AIDS (2012) (546)

Making it Count: California\'s Names-Based Reporting System (2011) (578)

How Can California Overcome Barriers to Expanding CARE/HIPP Enrollment? (2011) (536)

How Will Proposed Medi-Cal Cost Sharing Affect People Living With HIV in California? (2011) (547)

Costs and Benefits of Enhanced HIV Surveillance in California (2010) (561)


Reports of the Center’s annual conference series exploring the intersection of social, behavioral, and biomedical strategies in advancing novel HIV prevention strategies

The Future Direction of Male Circumcision in HIV Prevention (2007 - Los Angeles) (861)


From Scalpel to Scale-Up: Shaping Perceptions of Male Circumcision (2008 - Mexico City) (839)


Preparing for PrEP: A Stakeholders Dialogue (2009 - Atlanta) (817)


HIV Testing: Global Challenges, Global Strategies, Global Impact (2010 - Vienna) (1158)


Substance Use, Mental Health and HIV: Integrating Treatment as Prevention (2011 - Atlanta) (817)



The California HIV/AIDS Policy Research Center at UCLA/APLA/LAGLC is a collaboration among CHIPTS-affiliated reserchers, AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA) and the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center (LAGLC).  It brings together a multidisciplinary team with long-established records in HIV/AIDS health policy research and data analysis and community partners with extensive community-based experience in the development and implementation of HIV/AIDS public policy initiatives.  The Policy Research Center  is supportd by the California HIV/AIDS Research Program (CHRP).



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